The pros and cons of Soundbar

The pros and cons of Soundbar

First, let's understand why we choose Soundbar and what kind of people Soundbar is suitable for.

1. Experience surround sound
Audio-visual experience is composed of "sound" and "painting", which are the "left arm" of good movie-watching experience.
With the gradual popularization of 4K, HDR and other picture quality technologies, people's pursuit of picture quality has slowly shifted to sound quality and sound effects.

According to the survey, most of the consumers who expect to buy Soundbar products in China, or in theaters, or in iQiyi and other channels, have been exposed to surround sound effects, they can clearly perceive the improvement of surround sound for watching movies and games, and expect to create a home theater surround system with excellent sound quality at home.

2. DIY playability is strong, if the acoustic hardware and environment are properly arranged, the sound quality effect can even crush the middle and low-end ordinary theaters
Although the idea of setting up a home theater is beautiful, but because many users' homes are not wired before renovation, or the space is too small, the plan is eventually stranded. The Soundbar is the only sound device that can replace the traditional multi-speaker surround theater.

3. Easy to use - DTS Fi, wireless, Bluetooth functions.
Most Soundbars support Bluetooth audio and can be used as Bluetooth speakers, which is already common.
The current excellent Soundbar focuses on good support for wireless high-quality audio features, such as supporting whole-house music through AirPlay2, QPlay, DTS Play-Fi and other features, and usually such whole-house Wi-Fi audio features do not limit the speaker brand and device operating system. Therefore, when there are other speakers in the home that support such protocols, you can use any device in any room to hear music in tune and with the same melody.

For video and audio lovers, in addition to the DTS Play-Fi can output 24bit 192KHz lossless music, the coolest gameplay is of course by connecting two other speaker devices, and Soundbar together to form a 5.1 channel physical surround home theater with rear surround.

1. The good and bad products are uneven, and consumers' cognition is difficult
Today, the market is still full of products without any surround sound, only like ordinary 2.0 channel speakers, emit sound from the front, but also can not create immersive 360° surround hearing, so from the definition of product functions, such Soundbar can only be a "bar speaker".

Due to a large number of consumers' lack of awareness of Soundbar technology, they had a very negative experience of Soundbar after purchasing the above products, and finally the market reputation collapsed.
Different from the above "bar speaker", the Soundbar with surround sound can be called "echo wall", which can make people think that they are in the scene of the movie when watching the movie, and they are the protagonist.

2. Surround sound is hard to find!
When we have a Soundbar that supports surround sound, it is not that we can hear the same surround sound effect as the theater, but also that the film source we watch has the support of the surround sound track, and this domestic legitimate surround sound source is not much, and the access channel is very few, many "enthusiasts" can only watch the Blu-ray disc by buying a blu-ray disc machine. Experience real surround through Soundbar.
While some users will download multi-track movies, this method requires self-searching, spending some effort, and many online resources audio tracks are compressed, the sound effect is much worse than the legitimate source.
So for ordinary consumers, we can only hope that domestic streaming media platforms can make efforts in surround sound film sources and solve the problem of insufficient surround sound film sources as soon as possible.

If you can solve the problem of film source, and there is a large space at home, and you are willing to invest time and energy to study traditional surround sound, then under the same financial support, the author must recommend you to start with traditional surround sound.
Soundbar, which popularized surround sound to the public, is a good substitute for traditional sound. Soundbar is easy to use, difficult to install and deploy, and the sound effect of well-designed products will not be worse than that of cheap traditional surround sound. Just like notebooks, as chip technology improves, the problem that notebooks are often criticized for (the performance gap between desktop computers is too large) is no longer prominent.