Tips for selecting headphones

Tips for selecting headphones

1, according to the wearing mode selection
Headphones can be divided into headset, neck-hanging, in-ear, semi-in-ear and so on according to the wearing style. Different wearing styles have different advantages and disadvantages, we can choose according to their own preferences and needs.

2, according to the connection mode selection
Headphones can be divided into wired and wireless according to the connection method. Wired headphones are connected to two earbuds or two earmuffs through a line, and inserted into the audio device through a plug. Wireless headphones connect two earbuds or two ear cups through Bluetooth or other wireless technology and communicate with the audio device through a wireless signal. Different connection methods also have different advantages and disadvantages, we can choose according to our own preferences and needs.

Types of headphones that don't hurt your ears: headphones, in-ear headphones.

1, headband headphones
Headband headphones are worn on the head, the least damage to the ears. Compared to in-ear, ear-hanging type, headset, although there is no small and portable advantage, but there is a very good sound effect, the most important due to wear without the ear, so the degree of damage to the ear canal, eardrums are extremely small. Over-ear headphones are preferred for ear protection, can cover the ear to prevent noise from entering, less irritation to the cochlea, and therefore safer, and is a more recommended type of headphones for daily use.

2, in-ear headphones
In-ear headphones are a type of headphone that is used inside the human hearing organ and, depending on their design, will seal the user's ear canal when in use. In-ear headphones can reduce the ambient volume by 10-15 decibels, with little hearing loss. Although in-ear headphones are not easily detected, they hurt the ears, are too large a target for headbands and behind the head, are very visible, and are slower to remove.