How to choose the right speakers?

How to choose the right speakers?

Many friends who want to buy audio think that buying audio is a very complicated thing, in the case of lack of experience in this area, we are also intimidated by the lessons of predecessors, many friends who want to buy audio are wait-and-see attitude, and even some people retreat. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to buy a sound that suits you, and I hope this article can bring you some reference guidance.
First, confirm the main use of audio. Is it the living room, study, bedroom or outdoors? Is this the place you really use most often, and the most convenient place to use?

The use occasion determines the size and power of the speaker. Generally speaking, speakers are divided into near-field listening and far-field listening. Indoor use is mostly near field listening, no matter how big the room is, the speaker does not need to be too big, 3 inches to 5 inches is enough. The power does not need to be too large, 15-40W per channel is enough; Outdoor properties are more special, small Bluetooth speakers often have convenient to carry, loud enough, functional dust and waterproof characteristics, will also support some cool special effects such as atmosphere lights, which is to give your journey and party to add more fun.
Second, confirm the main use of sound. Do you want to watch a movie or listen to karaoke?

The use determines the type and characteristics of the speaker. If it is mainly used for watching movies, then more attention is paid to the atmosphere of the speaker - low frequency to shock, positioning to be accurate, preferably multi-channel; If it is mainly used for listening to music, 2.0 speakers are best, and the bass of good 2.0 speakers as a whole is more overall and thick, rather than only rumbling, which is more suitable for listening to appreciate music.
Third, the necessary basic knowledge can make you more accurate to find their goals, and will be less fooled.

The metaphysics of the speaker is very much, on the one hand, because the user's knowledge is lacking. On the other hand, sound perception is very susceptible to psychological cues. Moreover, the human ear's memory of sounds is subjective and vague. Here you can watch the HiFi fever tips organized in front of the small series.

4. Confirm your budget and spend your money wisely.

First, what brand to choose? The larger the brand of the company, its product price contains the brand cost - advertising, marketing, management costs of the proportion will be relatively high, this part of the cost will need consumers to pay, there are many brand premium plus, but its quality is guaranteed, the performance is more reliable, although not necessarily very good, but not particularly bad. On the contrary, products without brand effect at the same price will have more real material components in the price composition. Of course, its quality and after-sales must be fully guaranteed to buy.
Secondly, in a certain range, the price increases, the sound quality of the audio also increases in proportion to the price, but after a critical price, to improve the same sound quality, the price needs to be higher and higher, and even to increase several times or even tens of times the price. Therefore, the mainstream price range is the most cost-effective, of course, except for the pursuit of limits.
In the end, the sound is the tool, the music is the essence. We buy stereos to listen to music, not to listen to the equipment itself, as long as the heart, there is a concert anywhere.