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What makes a good speaker?

What makes a good speaker?

It does take some learning and practice to get from beginner to master, but don't worry, we will explain the key knowledge and skills you need to learn in detail in plain language. Whether you're a sound enthusiast or wa...

The advantages of three-frequency

The advantages of three-frequency technology

The three-frequency technology of audio refers to dividing the audio frequency into three ranges, namely bass (low frequency), midrange (medium frequency) and treble (high frequency), and then using the corresponding aud...

Triplex technology in sound

Triplex technology in sound system

Sound technology has always been a topic of concern, and it has a profound impact on the music and audio-visual experience. Among many sound technologies, three-frequency division technology is one of the most important ...

Reverberation in professional sound

Reverberation in professional sound technology

We often hear this when we are out performing events: "Sound teacher, the sound is a little dry, please give a little reverb, thank you!" What is reverberation? Reverberation refers to the continuous residual sound ...

Tips for selecting

Tips for selecting headphones

1, according to the wearing mode selection Headphones can be divided into headset, neck-hanging, in-ear, semi-in-ear and so on according to the wearing style. Different wearing styles have different advantages and disad...